Mount Kilimanjaro is the tallest free-standing volcano in the world, the tallest and only glaciated peak of Africa. At 5895 meters (19341 feet), it presents an exhilarating and formidable challenge. At GM Expeditions, we have led climbers of all skills and abilities to a successful summit – from experienced climbers in pursuit of the seven summits to families with teens, adults in their 70s, and people with severe disabilities, such as blindness. Men and women achieve similar success rates at summiting. Kilimanjaro requires training and preparation but rewards your efforts with its spectacular beauty, unforgettable adventure and camaraderie on the trek.

When to climb. Kilimanjaro is accessible year-round, but depending on the season you choose your experience will vary. Please check out the Best time to Climb Kilimanjaro – GM Expeditions. Many people optimize their booking schedule to ensure their climb coincides with wildlife migrations that will warrant the best safari experience as well. Please work with us to choose the best time for your travel goals.

Routes and Packages. There are many routes, which vary in length and technical difficulty. Generally speaking, longer routes allow for better acclimation to the altitude and make it easier to reach the summit. GM Expeditions offers the following full-service packages. All our packages include transportation from your hotel to the mountain and back, full camp support including private toilets, 3 freshly cooked nutritious meals per day, guides with many years of experience on the mountain, and medical first-response training, camp setup and porter services. For the full list of what is and is not included in our packages, please see What is included in my Kilimanjaro climb package?.

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