About Tanzania

About TanzaniaTanzania Africa is a country blessed with rich culture and pure natural wonder. The country proudly holds the highest free standing mountain in the world, Mt. Kilimanjaro, as well as, holds a bounty of rich and diverse wildlife in their unspoiled natural habitat. Situated in East Africa, just south of the equator, mainland Tanzania lies between the area of the great lakes; Victoria, Tanganyika and Malawi and is bordered by the Indian Ocean in the east.

Almost everywhere you go in Tanzania you’ll find interesting wildlife and inspiring landscapes. Over forty percent of the country is protected in park land or game preserves ranging from forest-covered volcanic peaks to dusty savanna populated by elephants, antelopes, lions, leopards and cheetahs. Tanzania is one of the four most naturally diverse nations on earth: it contains Africa’s second-largest number of bird species (around 1500), the continent’s biggest mammal population and three-quarters of East Africa’s plant species (over ten thousand). Two of the top 10 Natural Travel Wonders are located in Tanzania – the Serengeti and the Ngorongoro Crater.

Tanzania’s varying tribes and cultures also provide an excellent opportunity for you to encounter other ways of life, rites and rituals. When you visit this amazing country you encounter many other cultures as well as experience life from a different perspective. For all its natural diversity, Tanza­nia’s best asset is its people: friend­ly, welcoming and unassumingly proud. You will be treated with uncommon warmth and courtesy wherever you go, and genuine friendships are easily made. The best known Tanzania tribe are the Masai, a people who inhabit the region around the safari parks in the north. While the Masai are perhaps the best known tribe in the country there are about 127 other tribes in Tanzania equally rich with tradi­tions, histories, customs, beliefs and music, much of which survive today despite modern influence.

Come to Africa and find history, culture and natural wonder and in the process find adventure, a little more about the world and yourself. Once you have visited Africa your life will never be the same.